Recycling Program
Millow 360

Because now is the time to act!

Here, we collect and recycle your Millow straps and your used watches.


30% off on your new strap by recycling the ones your children no longer wear.


10€ discount by recycling your old watches, regardless of brand or condition.

How to recycle with Millow 360?

Fill out a simple form

Tell us if you want to recycle a used Millow watch or strap.

Post your parcel,
it's free !

Receive a prepaid stamp by email and drop off your envelope at your post office.

Receive your promo code or voucher by email

to order your new watch or strap.

How does Millow recycle your watch strap?

The reclaimed straps allows us to recover nylon which is a recyclable fabric as well as the steel buckles which can easily be reconditioned.

Then, we will be able, in partnership with the factories of our supplier, replenish our stock from materials that we have produced ourselves. By reducing the number of actors, we favor a short cycle production.

What is the pathway of
your recycled watch?

After reclaimed, your recycled watch will be dismantled, parts will be sorted and sent to the appropriate recycling channel.

Metals are sorted, melted and reused. Small elements, such as the hands or the dial, can be reused in the global watch production circuit.

Each year, 13 million watches are sold on the French market. Knowing that more than 80% of the weight of a watch can be recycled, The watchmaking recycling market is just waiting to be exploited.